Various Candle Wax Types

Below are the most common types of candle wax and their respective pros and cons. If you want to know which one is the best type of candle wax for you, keep on reading below: 

Rapeseed wax 

Canola wax or rapeseed wax is also one of the newest candle wax types that are commercially manufactured. Rapeseed is made out of the yellow flower that grows from cabbage-like and mustard plant families. Though it’s not usually used in the U.S, rapeseed is still known as a sustainable resource in European countries and is locally sourced. 

One of the best perks of rapeseed wax is that it helps reduce its carbon footprint—especially if you’re living in the EU. But it would refute its purpose if it’s brought to the United States. Even though, if you see this candle wax and you’re across the pond, you’ll observe that it provides a slow burn and throws a scent as well. 


This wax type has quite a history, even way back during the Egyptian era. While it’s a great healthy option when it comes to removing organic compounds, beeswax comes with great con—its signature honey scent. Take note that not all scents work well with honey. So, other people might not like this type of aroma. 

Paraffin Wax 

The most typically used candle wax type is paraffin wax. But paraffin wax is a petroleum by-product, the oil and the crude oil industry. While this portion of oil is not discarded, it’s not that sustainable in the long run. 

Generally, paraffin is also recognized for being better at holding the scent. Though, when the scent utilizes high-quality oils, the kind of wax has been recognized to release VOCs once lit. While it’s only very minimal, you can feel free to go for other options if you want to prevent paraffin wax. 

Coconut wax 

Coconut wax candles are a new wax type available now. Coconut wax tends to be more costly. However, it provides an environmentally friendly alternative like soy. The coconut wax is made out of the oil harvested from the coconut. What’s good about this wax type is that it’s made out of coconut, which is a sustainable, renewable crop. 

Soy wax 

Compared to paraffin, soy wax is known to be an eco-friendlier wax type. However, soy wax provides a lot of perks and benefits. Because of that, most people believe that it’s the most ideal candle wax available today. 

First of all, soy wax blends and soy wax burns a lot slower, which allows you to enjoy your candle and make the most of it because it could last for years. Apart from that, this type of wax usually burns clearer, which minimizes the indoor pollutants –like smoke and soot— that can be bad for your health and can cause discoloration on the nearby surface or the container of the candle. 

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